How to Light a Fire

Place 1 or 2 Flamers Fire Lighters and Flamers kindling on the base of the appliance.

Break Flamers Wood Logs into 2-3 pieces by tapping them together and placing on the firelighters.

Light the Flamers Fire Lighters.

Add more Flamers Wood Logs as required to build the fire.



This product generates extreme heat therefore great care must be taken when using, handling and disposing of them safely. Additionally, heatlogs expand with heat.

It is recommended to break each log in 2 pieces, or more, and never overfill your open fire.

Never use lighter fuel or other flammable liquids. Never use in confined spaces, or prohibited areas. Always keep children and pets away from fire. If using a chimenea never place it on a surface which is not fireproof. Never leave an open fire unattended.


Flamers Ltd is a family run company in the centre of Ireland. The family has over 60 years experience in the timber industry and they have developed an integrated business model which has allowed them to develop the ‘Flamers’ brand range.

First launched in 2009, Flamers Wood Logs have now been followed into the marketplace by Kindling, Firelogs, Firelighters and Shimada, and distribution continues to grow year on year at significant rates, as does sales through a variety of outlets.

A core value of Flamers Ltd is to offer customers superb products at great value prices. This is reflected perfectly within the ‘Flamers’ range. Products which are very environmentally friendly – smokeless with very low CO2 emissions, recycled timber usage, no Carbon Tax levies – combined with maximum cleanliness and providing very high heat rates – you’ll need 30-40% less fuel than ordinary solid fuel – illustrates the company ethos exactly.

A Key Manager has been co-funded in this company by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. Aims: To recruit a Key Manager who will bring skills into the company that are critical to future growth. Results: The Key Manager commenced employment and is contributing to improvements in company productivity and to changes in output to meet defined market requirements.


Important Safety Message

Always keep chimneys and flueways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation.

Always use a fireguard when children are present or the fire is left unattended.

Always ensure that you use your solid fuel appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
To avoid danger of suffocation please keep this bag away from babies and children


Suitable for:

Open Fires, Wood Burners, Multifuel Stoves, Range Cookers, Pizza Ovens, Chimeneas, Fire Pits.

Must be kept dry

Moisture content <12%

Low ash

Very little smoke

High heat output

Long lasting

No sparking or spitting

Can be broken to fit small stoves

Environmentally Friendly 1

Our Environment

Our environment is incredibly important to all aspects of our lives, and it is something that governments across the EU are striving to introduce pro environment policies. Taxation is a key tool in these policies, and in 2003 the Irish Government introduced a Carbon Tax with the intention to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is part of Ireland’s strategy to support a greener and cleaner environment.

Environmentally Friendly 3

No Carbon Tax applies

Flamers Wood Logs are zero rated – ie No Carbon Tax applies! This can only be described as fantastic news for us, but also wonderful news for people throughout Ireland who depend on solid fuel. Not only are they getting a high heat product but no Carbon Tax applies, so they can save on the double – the environment with a CO2 Neutral fuel and their wallets and purses.

Environmentally Friendly 4

Government Tax

Government Tax is only one aspect of our environmental benefits. Recycled timber, sawdust and off cuts from other parts of our business can now be productively used in our products. Waste that would have previously gone to landfill.

top tips

Using energy more efficiently in your daily life comes easily once you get started. This site lists many ways to save energy around the house, at work and on the road. Here, we list the overall top six:

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  • tip 1

    Many people keep their thermostat too high. Check it and if it’s above 20ºC turn it down. Lowering your thermostat by just 1ºC will knock 10% off your heating bill.

    tip 2

    Much of the heat loss from a house occurs through the windows. Keep your curtains closed at night, and also ensure that the curtains don’t hang over the radiators.

  • tip 3

    Close room doors to separate heated from unheated areas of your home, and minimise the area you are heating.

    tip 4

    Turn the lights off when leaving a room. Use light bulbs with higher wattages and reduce the number of bulbs in each room.

  • tip 5

    Switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby (such as TV’s, computers and video games). This will save up to 20% of your appliances’ energy use.

    tip 6

    Make better use of the timers on your immersion or boiler so you can control when the heating comes on and goes off. This means you have heating when and where you want it.